bullet Workstocker/Conveyance

The length of the workstocker is made to fit the depth of the machine to maximize utilization of floor space. Fuji offers 10, 12 and 20 station workstockers.

bullet Measuring Device

The measuring device is fitted at the side or front of the machine and automatically feeds back a size correction to the CNC controller to maintain workpiece quality.

bullet Quality Inspection Chute and Part Reject Chute

The robot randomly selects a workpiece for inspection from the quality inspection chute fitted at the front or side of the machine to be checked by the operator. The chute can also be utilized for discharging parts rejected by the measuring device or work seating confirmation.

bullet Orientation Device

The orientation device rotates the part for precise locating by the robot for positioning into the spindle.

bullet Workholding

We offer a range of workholding options, including 3-jaw power chucks, internal and external chucks, our original hybrid chuck and more.



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